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Vending Service 

Give your employees or customers the convenience of buying on-site snacks and drinks. Kingz of Vending will deliver, maintain, and restock all vending machines at no charge. All machine are energy efficient and up to date.

Vending Machine with Surevend Technology

No more old machines of the 90s, Kingz of Vending's new top of the line vending machine gives your business an updated look, to increase appeal and attract customers.

No more loosing money on the vending machine; all Kingz of Vending machine comes with surevend technology, this technology will make sure that the customer gets their product without getting stuck inside the coils.


Kingz of Vending provides and caters different products to your business. We provide juice, soda, chips, candy, nuts, energy drinks, even burritos and ice cream with our frozen vending machine.


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