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Equipment Leasing Program

Kingz of Vending offers additional equipment for leasing, which include repairs and maintenance. Check them out and contact us for any questions.


Ice Machine

Aimed for, but not limited to, hotels and motels; Kingz of Vending provides Ice machine for lease. Kingz of Vending will deliver, maintain and repair ice machine on site in coordination with monthly leasing fee.

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Coffee Equipment

For businesses who want to offer coffee to their employees or customers, Kingz of Vending provide coffee machines to lease for a monthly fee or at no cost to companies who buys coffee supplies directly through Kingz of Vending.


Water  Cooler Service

For business who want to provide clean drinking water to their customers and employees. Kingz of Vending provides a water cooler lease with a monthly fee. The monthly fee is waived if the company buys water directly from Kingz of Vending.


Glass Door Merchandiser

For companies who want to sell products, Kingz of Vending offers Glass Door Merchandiser for selling of cold foods and drinks. This is a lease program with a monthly fee, which includes maintenance and repairs by Kingz of Vending.

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